Our Auto Courses


Our auto courses

Our auto classroom courses give you hands on experience of various software programs in our auto repair labs. So when you return to new careers or progressions, you’ll hit the ground running.

Our facility has an inventory of damaged late-model cars for student practice in estimating – as well as electronic frame measurement and alignment systems for demonstrations. Cutaways and numerous visual aids prepare you for real world situations.

Learn more about our auto courses below or click here to chat with a Vale representative.

How to enroll
  • Find a convenient date

    You can find the dates and costs of each course here and follow the links to enroll. If you have any questions, please contact us. And if there is an aspect you need that we haven't included, let us know!

  • Benefit from our Early Bird discount

    Registrations made 90-days in advance of course date - 15% discount.
    Registrations made 60-days in advance of course date - 10% discount

A snapshot of our auto training courses
  • Auto Estimatics

    Designed for entry-level auto damage estimators and appraisers with no prior auto experience. You will learn to prepare thorough accurate collision damage estimates using their choice of Audatex™, Pathways™ or Ultramate™ estimating programs. Course covers:

    • Vehicle construction and nomenclature,
    • Collision damage analysis from minor to severe,
    • Repair and replacement options as well as hail/PDR estimating

    The industry-leading STAR™ structural damage analysis program provides for the analysis, determination of charges and documentation of structural/frame damages. Hands-on estimates of late model vehicles with varied levels of damage are practiced, reviewed and graded to ensure proficiency.

    Courses are run regularly in both centres

    Duration: 2 weeks

  • Auto Examiner

    Designed for examiners charged with “desk” or on-site review of auto damage estimates and those who generate estimates on light to moderate outer body damage. No previous auto experience is necessary.

    You will learn to properly identify the vehicle and its components, identify and evaluate damages, make repair vs. replace decisions and review pre-written estimates. Students perform “hands-on” estimating utilizing Audatex™, CCC Pathways™ or Mitchell Ultramate™ estimating systems. Please see our Auto Estimatics program if you are charged with writing estimates to include structural and mechanical damages.

    Duration: 1 week

  • Tractor-Trailer Estimating

    Designed for the experienced auto estimator. You will learn semi-tractor nomenclature, running gear and build identification. Damage assessment and repair vs. replace options for cabs, frames, suspensions, fifth wheels, trailers and related components are demonstrated and included in hands-on estimate practice. Estimating systems and related informational resources are discussed and demonstrated. Pre-course materials are assigned for student preparation.

    Duration: 1 week

  • PDR Technician Certification

    Developed by request of PDR industry professionals, this certification is a timed evaluation of actual Paintless Dent Repair on steel and aluminum panels using a state-of-the-art, digital-optic surface measurement device. This test is totally unique to the industry as a purely objective, hands-on demonstration of skill. Timed repairs must pass a very high standard to qualify the technician for certification. Upon successful completion, you are listed on our database to verify your proven abilities. The Vale PDR Certification is also unique as it is endorsed by the National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians – and has earned a lifetime achievement award from the international news magazine, Mobile Tech News™.

    Duration: 1 day

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