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Vale offers certifications to students who have successfully followed certain courses. We post certified students on our database, so you can verify the professional skills you learned at Vale.

Vale certification
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Our designations
  • PDR Technician Certification

    Endorsed by the National Association of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians, this professional certification designates recipients as having excelled in highly specialized hands-on testing of paintless dent repair.

    This certification is a timed evaluation of actual Paintless Dent Repair on steel and aluminum panels, using a state-of-the-art, digital-optic surface measurement device. This test is totally unique to the industry as a purely objective, hands-on demonstration of skill. You will need to pass a very high standard in timed repairs to gain certification.

    Upon successful completion, you are awarded a listing in our database to verify your proven abilities. The Vale PDR Certification is uniquely endorsed by the National Alliance for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT) – and has earned a lifetime achievement award from the international news magazine, Mobile Tech News. This certification assures you and your shop – reassuring customers they are in good hands.

    Paintless Dent Repair Technician credential database contains the name, I.D. number, credential level and certification date of every PDR technician to successfully pass Vale’s timed skill evaluation.

    Learn more about this course – click here

  • Green Risk Professional (GRP) Certification*

    Students must successfully complete Green Risks I & II to earn the distinction of this unique green credential. Being designated GRP will position you as a frontrunner in servicing this lucrative new field of risk – a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Green Risks I

    In this two and one-half-day class, you will learn to:

    • Interpret green construction rating system (i.e. LEED) criteria and standards
    • Define and identify green construction and products, Energy Star and Zero Energy Homes
    • Review insurance policy coverage for unique green risks issues.

    Through case studies, you learn building components typical to green buildings and how they may contribute towards LEED credits. Students should have prior experience on conventional risks or losses.

    Green Risks II

    Also two and one-half days, this class provides you with more detailed knowledge of key green construction issues, building on what you’ve learned in Green Risks I (a prerequisite to enrolling in this class).

    Students who successfully complete Green Risks I and Green Risks II qualify for the Green Risk Professional (GRP) credential offered exclusively at Vale. This will help you gain a marketable competitive advantage in today’s U.S. insurance industry, as environmental risk grows in importance.

    *These courses are no longer being offered on a regular basis. We will provide these courses only at a specific client request.

  • Certified Professional Estimator

    Awarded upon successful completion of the Advanced Auto Estimatics course, this certification designates recipients as highly proficient in the challenging field of auto estimating

    The three-day Advanced Auto Estimatics program is designed for the experienced estimator and addresses the most challenging aspects of auto collision analysis including structural/ frame damages and mechanical systems such as suspension, steering and alignment.

    Students learn how to estimate structural realignment using control point logic. Several effective repair demonstrations help build confidence to make better repair versus replacement decisions.

    The designation of “Certified Professional Estimator” is awarded to those students who demonstrate a high level of estimating skill.

    Before enrollment in this class, candidates should submit an application listing their training and/or experience . They must also be proficient using collision estimating software.

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