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We pack a great deal of information into our courses so students hit the ground running when they finish. The pre-course study guides on this page help students prepare up-front.

Study Guides
Our study guides
  • Introduction to Automotive Estimatics

    This workbook is designed to provide a general understanding of damage estimating. Included areĀ 51 pages of photos, illustrations and text. It is presented in three parts. The first section describes vehicle construction, structural realignment, and panel repairs. Section two is designed to familiarize the user with terminology, definitions, and a basic understanding of the location and purpose of vehicle components. The final section uses a sample estimate to illustrate the nine-step process of preparing an accurate estimate.

    Each section begins with instructions that explain how to use the workbook and ends with one or more tests that can be checked with the included answer key. This makes the workbook an excellent self-study guide.

    Single copies are available for $42.00 (includes postage and handling). Volume discounts are available.

  • Commercial building basics workbook

    This workbook is designed to provide basic information concerning commercial building structures and systems. The 54-page book contains drawings, illustrations,technical terms, formulas and calculation exercises that apply to damage estimating.

    Single copies are available for $42.00 (includes postage and handling). Volume discounts are available.

  • Residential Building Basics Workbook

    This workbook is designed to provide a basic understanding of residential building terms. It includes methods of measurement and calculation of sizes, shapes, and materials. The 60-page workbook contains illustrations and definitions that explain residential construction, both exterior and interior. Each section begins with terms and ends with a quiz to test the reader’s knowledge. Many illustrations display dimensions and ask the reader to perform the required math exercises. The workbook is self-pacing and provides answers to all test questions.

    Single copies are available for $42.00 (includes postage and handling). Volume discounts are available.

  • STAR 2000 Program

    The Structural Analysis and Realignment program teaches damage estimators how to identify and assess structural misalignment. Using specially designed worksheets that are based on measurement control points, realignment activity can be accurately documented and calculated. The STAR 2000 Program reduces supplements and guesswork on structural misalignment. By using this clear method of documentation, the estimator has confidence in the estimate and the repair technician knows how the calculations are figured. The program coincides with recommended repair procedures and is compatible with all new vehicle technology. Attendees of the Auto Estimatics and Certified Professional Estimator courses receive the STAR 2000 program as part of the course which includes a 52-page manual, worksheets and certificate.

    The STAR 2000 Program is available as a custom seminar taught by a Vale Instructor and self-study package for $99 (includes postage and handling).

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