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Hurricanes reveal need for more catastrophe adjusters

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Late August 2017 brought Hurricane Harvey to the US, targeting the Texas Gulf Coast as a CAT 4.  It was the first major hurricane to make landfall in nearly 9 years.  On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, CAT 4 Hurricane Irma struck the Leeward Islands before making its way to Florida and Georgia.  Hurricane Marie followed 10 days later as a CAT 4, striking Puerto Rico and impacting several other islands in the Caribbean.  In just three weeks, three major hurricanes brought a tremendous amount of devastation to many parts of the region.

  • The Challenge

    The impact of these historic major storms in such a short time highlighted a clear problem for the loss adjusting market, with respect to a lack of adjusting capacity industry-wide.

  • The Solution

    Using its global scale and nationally-recognized training programs in the US, Cunningham Lindsey assisted by training new loss adjusters.

    We were aware of the need for additional loss adjusters to assist in managing claims in the US. We quickly provided a solution by immediately developing courses through Cunningham Lindsey’s subsidiary, Vale Training, which specializes in training adjusters and auto estimators in the insurance industry.

    At a time of obvious peak demand and interest, an email campaign was launched and we reached out through a network of family, friends, social media, LinkedIn and existing emails from previous classes to help spread the word about the free courses and opportunity to enter the adjusting industry by joining the firm.

    The course provided practical sessions and hands-on training, including the logistics, inspections and technology to process claims.  Three classes were offered and filled up instantly.  The training was held at the Vale Training facility in Dallas and at the Rollins Learning Center campus in Atlanta.

    The training provided a comprehensive, fast track program with pre-work in industry-specific courses, followed by a course comprised of experiential learning, which included classroom,

    lab and field.  The team leads supporting the instructor also conducted evening sessions to cover practical application of concepts.  The Vale and Rollins mock-house labs exposed the learners to actual claims, real material and outside conditions.


    The recruitment campaign was closed in less than 48 hours due to strong interest and full capacity.  We received hundreds of applications for the classes.  Streamlining the applicant process included reviewing:

    – Backgrounds
    – Surveys on their experience
    – Narratives on why they wanted to be adjusters
    – Interest in helping others
    – Math skills and common insurance terms
    – Their ability to deploy

    The students came through the classes as a cross-section of family members:

    – Brothers
    – Father and son teams
    – In-laws
    – Friends of some of our industry partners

    The common elements were their interest in learning skills for a new career and applying their newly-learned talents in the field.  They bonded as a team and established a network we believe will long survive the classes.

    Vale Training graduated over 50 new adjusters.  They were immediately deployed and on the ground with the loss adjusting teams in Texas and Florida assisting with inspections and handling the claims.


    The students indicated this approach is far and above expectations and substantially more   than other adjusting programs some of their friends chose during this time.  This finding is  further validated by a recent Vale alumni survey showcasing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of  84, representing 84% of respondents indicated they would recommend Vale to a friend as a 9  or 10 – a proven model for 75 years.

    Below is some feedback from those who attended the most recent training:

    • The learning experience that I had at Vale was a tremendous foundation for getting me started in this new endeavor. The instructors, course materials and hands-on learning opportunities were spot on.  I highly recommend Vale training courses for anyone interested in this career path.
      – Property Adjuster
    • Vale Training Solutions’ top-notch instructors and state of the art facility provides a modern learning environment for industry professionals from entry-level to seasoned veterans. The small class environment promotes collaboration and provides the resources necessary to gain skills you need or hone the skills you have.
      – Property Adjuster
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Vale in the news

In the aftermath of the 2011 tornados in the South and Midwest, the high frequency of claims led to a shortage of insurance adjusters. WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth visited Vale Training Solutions to learn how we were helping to fill the gap. View the video or Read more.

North of the border, a Vale team visiting Canadian Hail repair for a training workshop attracted the attention of Collision Repair magazine, who claimed a record for Canada.


“It may literally be the closest to perfection anyone has ever come with PDR.” – Collision Repair magazine

  • The Challenge

    Canadian technician, Yannick Poirier knows he can repair a damaged car so the dent becomes invisible to the naked eye, but can he do it better than anyone else?

    Vale visited Canadian Hail Repair to train and certify several of their employees in PDR. We ended our session certifying 23 PDR technicians and another 21 in R&I.

    The PDR certification is a timed evaluation of work on steel and aluminum panels, using a state-of-the-art, digital-optic surface measurement device. We believe that this test is unique to the industry as a purely objective, hands-on demonstration of skill. Repairing various grades of dent can earn a technician one of three designations: journeyman, craftsman and master craftsman.

    The challenge was on in Canada…

  • The Solution

    Our high tech scanning delivered a precise score. Yannick had returned the dent to within .995 standard deviation from the original.

    It was an impressive score, Vale Program Director, Alan Anderson, believes “this is the closest we’ve ever seen anyone come. Bear in mind that these differences are far smaller than the naked eye can detect. You could look at two quality repairs and think they were identical, but the scanner knows better. We’ve had people come very close, but a result like Yannick’s is unprecedented.”

    Can you do better? Sign up to our PDR training and find out.